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hi all, fuel filter need to be change at 40000km to 50000km interval. these especially apply for w203 used in Malaysia climate which is hot and high humidity.

the normal cost for bosch replacement fuel filter for w203 is around RM110+ and doing repalcement at the independent Mercedes service center will cost more than double the filter price alone. Let alone, doing replacement at mercedes center which will cost hefty lots of monies.

So, able to replace the fuel filter on our own will save a lot of money, while at the same times we can do another extra routine check and service with that extra money. Thus, will longer car life.

Below are the steps taken to replace the fuel filter.
1. Get the correct fuel filter for your model and also clamps.
2. Gather all required tools: jack, stand, tyre blocker, spanar and rachet.
3. Release fuel pressure valve in the engine bay near engine oil inlet cover (refer to picture)
engine bay
location of fuel pressure valve (see the shining chrome color valve just on the right side of engine oil filler cap)
cover with towel before release the fuel pressure
4. jack the car. please do it cautiously for the sake of safety.
5. remove passenger side bottom cover (refer to pic)
jack the car safely and remove bottom cover that cover fuel filter
6. install the clip to the pipe from tank to filter(pic).
can use this kind of clip to block the petrol from coming out of the fuel tube before removing the tube connection from fuel filter
fuel filter and 4 tube connection. take note the direction and location of tube

7. remove the screw that hold fuel filter. it might be a bit tight
can be seen that screw are quite rusty. and it took me a lot of time to remove this screw.
8. remove/cut all the clamps and remove pipe to/from filter. please take note of which goes where to prevent mistake when installing new filter.
9. Install new filter and clamp it,
10. put the key and turn the key to position 2. please let 15-30 second for fuel pump to pump enough petrol to the engine. then you can start the engine. Please note that, It will take several tries before engine operate normally again.

Sometimes, you will find it difficult to start you engine. Your engine light might also turn on due to not enough petrol pressure that goes to the engine. Try to drive around for a while to give proper fuel pressure to the engine. Engine light will go off itself when you turn off your engine and turn it on again, if, fuel pressure already normal.

Hope to this note will help. Good luck & Cheers


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